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Sales by appointment only

Printable Sales Contract (valid once signed by Sales Agent)

Now accepting VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD and other major US cards.

Prices are subject to change.

 Adult site: $4,100.00 (Does not include opening/closing)

            Adult site is 40” by 10’, space for 1 casket.                               

Baby site: $2,050.00 (Does not include opening/closing)

          Baby site is space for 1 baby or youth casket in specified rows only.

 Columbarium: $1,600.00 per niche (Does not include opening/closing)

A Columbarium is a granite structure that contains multiple compartments, each one 10” x 10”, room for up to 2 appropriately sized urns.

In-Ground cremation burial $2,050.00 in specified rows only. (Does not include opening/closing)

Disinterment: $300.00 (Locating a burial for removal of a body at owner or court request)

 Marking fee: $100.00 per site for burial and/or headstone placement.

 Change of Ownership, (Deed Transfer): $100.00

 Re-location of sites for owner: $50.00

Full payment is due upon signing of the sales contract by cash, check or major credit cards.  

48-hour notice required for marking.   Next-day burials are not guaranteed and are only scheduled with the authorization of staff!     

 The Cemetery Company does not provide services to open and close graves.   The Funeral Director can help you select a professional company.  Prices vary depending on size from cremation to full burial.

Apprd: November, 2018

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