Sterling Cemetery Company

Sterling, Virginia 



Visitation daily dawn to dusk

Sales by appointment only

Old Sterling Cemetery is located on the northwest corner of West Church Road and Cascades Parkway.

Entrance is from Cascades Parkway.

Exit from the old cemetery is a right turn only onto West Church Road

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Old Sterling Cemetery, located on the northwest corner of West Church Road and Cascades Parkway, was initially restored in 1976.  Dead trees and undergrowth have been removed.  The old wrought iron fence repainted. Headstones reinstalled and straightened with the inscriptions recovered by rubbing's.



In April of 2012 a project to reinstall the stones and recording of the information was designed and managed by David Lewis as part of his certification  program for Eagle Scout.  He drew up the plans and then supervised a large group of his fellow scouts from Crew 1173 along with parents and siblings.  They also performed trimming and general cleanup.  The results were quite remarkable.  His diagram of the headstone layout has been included.



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